You're the cutest.

Thank you my friend!

07.Apr.14 1 week ago
ahh nooes I didn't mean like actual pants but undies ... which doesn't make it any better when I skim over my sentence for the second time lol. Concerning my sleeping schedule: It depends whether I'm currently overloaded by postponed homework or being stuck at creating melodies for our band. Or plainly I'm playing a game, nothing special concerning that like I don't have a certain illness which keeps me from sleeping except my recklessness :P

Okay underwear makes much more sense. I don’t always wear it. Sometimes that feels nice. What a conversation hahaha. Well I’m glad you don’t suffer from insomnia or something. You just have many interests and tasks to do and only so much time in a day right? I almost want to guess you are in Japan because that song I heard was Japanese I think??? And you seem to know a bit about it. Next guess would be united states or south America.

06.Mar.14 1 month ago
Zach it's then! Nice to meet you, so to say :D And you mean like where I'm coming from exactly? If so, then guess! That's always exciting finding out where people would sort you in. Wow that sure isn't around the corner huh? What has driven you going there? I hope you have lots of fun and enough money to afford some stuff, Japan really is an expensive place you know. Oh well questions over questions :P Since you were that honest to me youre free to call me jana, that's my actual name :)

Hello Jana! In Bangkok right now :) what a wild city. It’s overwhelming haha. I am not a heavy drinker but it seems I am here. Vacations I guess :P replies may be less frequent as I’m on adventure and WiFi isn’t always the best. Today is a chillout day though! I have always wanted to see Asia and try travelling solo so I saved some money and holidays and just did it. I’m hoping the cheapness of Thailand offsets the expensiveness of Japan. Canada is fairly expensive so I’m somewhat use to it.

06.Mar.14 1 month ago